How Facebook Artificial Intelligence Use Your Posts Reactions?

Your reactions to Facebook posts have two different aspects, one is advertisement and other is development of AI. Every time you reacted to any Facebook posts you just contributed to help an Artificial Intelligence(AI) to understand our sentiments and learn how to react after certain thing told them. How? This is called sentiment analysis in computer science which is used to teach an AI to understand human behavior better and reply accordingly by learning from real human reactions to posts on social media like Facebook.

Let us give you an example, if you are watching a movie with your robot (name Max) and you tell,”Do you know Max, this movie is boring.” And the Max reply with a laugh,”Hahaha!! Me too have a similar feeling.”

Computers really don’t have any sentiment, they follow instructions whatever it is that’s why we want to ban AI powered Micro Drones Killer Arms Robots. Humans have sentiment, we can disobey order on the basis of situations but computers don’t, they follow orders and accomplish task no matter what it takes.

Previously, Facebook had only like button but now it has reaction button which is working as a data that can help an AI to learn about sentiments. Believe us, even when the robots will show empathy to us then it won’t be real rather it would be artificial.

The thing that screw the future of AI is, if these machine will want to dominate human race because we already know that machine is mightier than human if they’re given full control over themselves.

At the other hand, our reactions to posts are being analyzed by Facebook and helping them to show us advertisements with maximum probability of item/service being sold. Here, we start getting relevant ads according to our sentiments, mood and behavior.

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