Surface, Deep and Dark Web – Secrets of Internet

Today, you are going to know something about the internet that you may not know about. The surface web, the deep and the dark web.

If you think that if you Google anything then Google will index websites that linked to that information then you’re wrong. There are millions of websites on the internet connecting billions of devices but did you know that Google only indexes 16% of the whole web? Yes, it is. You cannot search other 84% of information because they lie inside deep and dark web. All the secrets of the internet lies under deep and dark web.

Let’s explore what exactly are these three different web and how we access them.

The Surface Web: It’s what you and I access every day using any browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The surface web is public website or publicly available website. E.g. This Technology Blog, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, E-commerce like Amazon, Flipkart, YouTube, blogs, etc. These are the websites whose information are indexed in Google, if you search ‘deep web’ on Google then it’ll index all those website with information about deep web. It’s free, if you’ve internet, you can access it.

The Deep Web: The deep can also access using any browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari. But, It’s not indexed. You cannot Google and get the index of the websites in the deep web. These websites are our internet banking account, research papers, medical records, paid subscription websites, etc. E.g. HDFC Internet Banking, Emails, Chats, business account data, etc.

The Dark Web: The dark web is little mysterious like dark magic. In short, it’s illegal and anonymous. Your identity cannot be exposed in the dark web, you browse it, use it and make payments for services and products in Bitcoin, etc without disclosing your identity. You cannot access dark web website using your Chrome, Firefox and Safari, you will need Tor Browser and VPN(optional) to access these websites. Extension of dark website are .onion unlike .com, .in, .org, etc. for surface and deep web. All illegal activities happen under dark web.

Hope, you enjoyed these useful information. You can learn a lot about surface, deep and dark web in different books and articles.

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