Micro Drones Killer Arms Robots

Let us screw you first, your latest photo on social media, your smartphone and any device you use that can help to locate or recognize you can help an AI(Artificial Intelligence) powered lethal autonomous drone to find and kill you. It has facial recognition and locate you using your GPS enabled smartphones. But good part is that it’s not yet invented which is possible in near future.

We at Balraj Software develop AI powered solutions, but we would hate to develop these kinds of autonomous weapons. Watch the videos below to know more about it –

Why it should be banned?

Take Action

The development of lethal autonomous weapons would be catastrophically destabilizing to society, and time is running out to prevent them from being developed.

Share this article explaining the issue and calling for a ban on lethal autonomous weapons. Tell the world why you think we should #bankillerrobots.

Take this pledge to neither participate in nor support the development, manufacture, trade, or use of lethal autonomous weapons.

Join the over 4500 AI researchers and tens of thousands of others who have called for a ban on lethal autonomous weapons. Health professionals sign this letter, and everyone else can sign this letter.

Know more about Autonomous Weapons: https://autonomousweapons.org/

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